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Viva Myself!

suki da yo...


☆ Professional 嵐 Arashi Fangirl
☆ DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki/JYJ Fangirl
☆ In love with five most awesome idiots in the planet A.M.N.O.S ♥
☆ EMPEROR MatsuJun ♥♥
☆ KING Jaejoong
☆ Frustrated writer
☆ Jrock Lover, me Loves L`Arc~en~Ciel and Alice Nine [Hyde is Love and so is Shou]
☆ Incubus and Brandon Boyd forever.

~would love to meet and be friends with every fangirls in the universe \(^o^)/
嵐 and TVXQ completes my day. They are my DRUG and HAPPINESS :))

Yoroshiku ne m(_ _)m ~~~